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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: LGPL code in Apache?
Date Tue, 21 Apr 1998 01:49:30 GMT
At 09:14 PM 4/20/98 -0400, Jim Jagielski wrote:
>Brian Behlendorf wrote:
>> At 07:57 PM 4/20/98 -0400, Jim Jagielski wrote:
>> >Brian Behlendorf wrote:
>> >>  /*
>> >>   * cvt.c - IEEE floating point formatting routines for FreeBSD
>> >>   * from GNU libc-4.6.27.  Modified to be thread safe.
>> >>   */
>> >
>> >Hmmm.... when I snagged the snprintf() stuff, I just checked with the
>> >Xinetd guys, who had the code to begin with, and they said it was
>> >cool to put it under the Apache license.
>> "to begin with" - they contributed it to GNU libc-4.6.27, or was it in GNU
>> libc first?  If the former, we should change the credits.
>Xinetd grabbed it from GNU and mangled it to be more portable and then
>made it available for their FreeBSD port.

Sigh.  So possibly all of Xinetd, FreeBSD, and Apache are GNU-infringing?

I'm having trouble even trying to determine what the precise license on
"GNU libc-4.6.27" is.  I'm presuming "libc-4.6.27" is really old, but just
how old, and what is its modern-day equivalent?  On I see
"glibc-1.x" and "glibc-2.x", I see "libg++-2.7" and "libg++-2.8". 

All I want to ensure is that RMS won't come after us or people who build
off our code.


"Optimism is a strategy for making               
a better future." - Noam Chomsky              

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