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From Ian Kallen <>
Subject webserver comparison coming up
Date Tue, 07 Apr 1998 22:44:34 GMT
=== warning! delurking device has been activated! ===

I'll be writing up a webserver comparison for one of the glossy trade zines
later this month.  The editorial emphasis will be on NT based servers (see
for some of the detail) though I do have space allocated to discuss Unix
web servers as well.  I've been an Apache user for a few years and
administer heavily loaded systems now with it.  I know what I've thought
were stupid in comparisons I've seen published elsewhere (like the one last
year that said the annual cost of ownership for Apache would exceed $60k or
something, c'mon!) but I thought I'd take this opportunity to elicit
feedback from the Apache core group:

1) What have you specificly loathed about previous webserver line-ups
you've seen published (please cite w/ URL if you have it)?

2) What did you specificly love about any (please cite w/ URL if you have it)?

3) What's your take on benchmark's?  Which one's are good?  I've thought
about writing my own (in Perl, anyway) since I'd like to have keepalives as
one of the performance datapoints.  I like that Ralf's ApacheBench does
keepalives :)

4) Should I consider 1.3b6-dev or wherever we'll be in the next few weeks
on NT or is the development there still considered too immature?

5) When it comes to feature grid, should mod_perl, mod_jserv or PHP or all
be regarded as being a part of Apache as ASP and LiveWire are to the http
servers they come with?  On the one hand, it seems important to mention
that dynamic content engines are available for Apache.  OTOH, both are
mentioned only in the 'related projects' on the main Apache site.  I don't
want to be negligent nor lead false assumptions.

6) Any relevant miscelleanous points I should reckon with embarking on this
endeavor appreciated.

Thanks for taking the time to respond.  I'll summarize and repost to the
list private responses if that's desired.  OK, back to your regularly
scheduled httpd development (or haggling, whatever the case may be).

=== delurking device disengaged, relurking assumed! ===

"I can't believe it's not butter." - fabio

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