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From (Ben Hyde)
Subject More press
Date Tue, 28 Apr 1998 21:50:30 GMT

I have before me a xerox of an article from
"Software Development" June 1998.  I have no
idea what kind of magazine this is but the
article is quite good.  

"Apache: An Open-Source Software Success Story"
  by Warren Keuffel

It's not available on their web site.  I can
have my secretary fax a copy to people on
request.  I'll take requests for 24 hr
and then have her do a batch.

I get the impression that this magazine is
for professional software development managers
who are into "process issues."  Quoting
out of context.

  "People have been led to believe that
   greater optimization (high degrees of
   rigor) is require for high quality.
   Obviously the Apache team provide a
   data point contrary to this widely
   held opinion."

Is it better to be accused of writing code
under the influence of the evil Gin or
happening upon quality in the absence of
while disregarding rigor?

Roy is quoted.  

The author did a very profesional job.

  - ben hyde

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