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From "Andrew Finkenstadt" <>
Subject Fw: notes on migrating to apache 1.3b6 from 1.2.x with mod_perl 1.11
Date Fri, 24 Apr 1998 02:42:39 GMT

> From: Vivek Khera <>
> To: Mod Perl List <>; Apache Bugs
> Subject: notes on migrating to apache 1.3b6 from 1.2.x with mod_perl 1.11
> Date: Wednesday, April 22, 1998 4:32 PM
> I just took the plunge and spent the last three hours evaluating
> apache 1.3b6 with mod_perl 1.11.  My current environment is Apache
> 1.2.5 with mod_perl 1.11.  Here are some notes on how to make this
> combination build easily.  Hopefully this will help someone else
> trying to build this thing...
> The mod_perl instructions in Apache's README.configuration are
> seemingly too complex.  With mod_perl 1.11, the process is much
> easier.
> The way to make it build as expected is to first run the "configure"
> script from within the Apache 1.3 directory, specifying whatever
> options you need.  Do not "make" yet.
> Next, cd to the "src" directory, delete "Configuration" and link it to
> "Configuration.apaci".  The mod_perl configuration program looks for
> "Configuration", and this seems to differ from "Configuration.acapi",
> which results in an incorrect httpd being built.  Perhaps mod_perl
> should look for the latter and use it in preference?
> Next, go to the mod_perl 1.11 directory and do the normal build via
> "perl Makefile.PL", then "make".
> Do a "make test" to ensure it works ok, then "make install".
> Next go back to the apache 1.3 directory and type "make install" to
> get those files installed as necessary.
> The only gotcha I had was the trick to make mod_perl pick up my
> configuration as I wanted it (some local custom modules), and linking
> Configuration to Configuration.apaci fixed that.  The rest seems to
> have worked ok, and my programs are functioning ok (on my test system
> still).
> Actually there is one more gotcha... on BSD/OS you need to install the
> mod_perl enabled httpd *NOT* stripped, and the apache "make install"
> strips it.  Just go back and hand copy src/httpd to your installed
> location and it will work ok.  This will also affect the ability to
> use the DSO under BSD/OS, I suspect.
> Now off to finish porting my modules to Apache 1.3 API...
> 								v.
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> Vivek Khera, Ph.D.                Khera Communications, Inc.
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