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From (Ben Hyde)
Subject OUTDIR v.s. OutDir in *.mak
Date Fri, 17 Apr 1998 18:31:59 GMT

Again this note is to save other people the trouble of 
retracing my steps.

This foolishness is common to all the *.mak files.

  > grep -i 'outdir=' ./src/os/win32/ApacheModuleStatus.mak

As far as I can tell this is not a problem.

OUTDIR and OutDir are called "macros" in nmake.  Macros
are case sensitive.  All the examples and knowledge base
articles illustrate nmake files using "OUTDIR".

The OUTDIR is set via the project's general properties

The documentation for "working with projects" when
discussion "custom build commands" mentions "OutDir."

"OutDir" is never used in our makefiles.

So - I think - if we don't use it we are safe.

Maybe that they are different intentitionally and the
"custom build commands" are explicitly run in a directory
different from than the rest of the make file.  Who knows?
Who cares?

   - ben hyde

"Error: NIL should be a CONS"  Liquid Common Lisp

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