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From Sam Rasins <>
Subject Re: Ralf's Announcement with minor changes
Date Wed, 15 Apr 1998 04:08:21 GMT
> From: Gregory A Lundberg <>
> Subject: Re: Ralf's Announcement with minor changes
> Blank lines work wonders.  So does attention to order.
> As a sysadmin wanting to get to the meat quickly, I don't want to have to
> stare hard at each line to determine what's new and what I already know
> from previous announcements.
> With minor edits 'cause I felt like it ... IMHO the English is clearer and
> the points more easily made.
> ----
>     Various Directory Indexing enhancements
>       (see htdocs/manual/mod/mod_autoindex.html)
>     Various Logging enhancements (Reliable Piped Logs, Named Log Formats)
>       (see htdocs/manual/mod/core.html and 
>       htdocs/manual/mod/mod_log_custom.html)
>     Unique Identifiers
>       (see htdocs/manual/mod/mod_unique_id.html)
> Gregory A Lundberg		Senior Partner, VRnet Company
> 1441 Elmdale Drive              email: []
> Kettering, OH 45409-1615 USA    voice: +1 (937) 299-7653
For what it is worth ... I like it best so far ... though I'd still likr to
see hypertext links for added support.

Sambo	P-)

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example of ancient nonsense -- the debate about angels on pinheads --
makes sense once you realize that theologians were not discussing
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