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From (Ben Hyde)
Subject Enumeration of Window's switches in use.
Date Tue, 14 Apr 1998 21:01:45 GMT

This may save somebody else some time.

These are the C compiler switches used in the
assorted Window's make and project files, and
what their purpose is.

  /nologo -- Supress copyright/version banner
  /W3 -- Warning level 3
  /GX -- Enables synchronous exception handling
  /Gm -- Enables minimal rebuild
  /O2 -- Fast (as compaired to small) code.
  /Od -- Disables Optimization
  /Zi -- Generate complete debugging info
  /c  -- Compiles without linking
  /FD -- the mystery switch
  /YX -- Automaticly create precompiled headers.
  /D "WIN32"  -- select wich Apache platform to build for.
  /D "_DEBUG" -- notify OS include files we want to debug.
  /D "NDEBUG" -- notify OS include files we don't want to debug.
  /D "_WINDOWS"  -- notify OS include files we plan a Window's UI
  /D "_CONSOLE"  -- notify OS include files we plan a Console UI
  /MD -- Compile for MSVCRT.LIB (MSV means multithreaded, CRT mean's C RunTime) 
  /MDd  -- the debug version e.g. MSVCRTD.LIB of same.
  /I "..\..\include"  --  Where to get include files
  /I "..\include"

  /D "_MBCS" -- Multibyte character support?
     (used on gen_uri_delims.dsp and gen_test_char.dsp)

     (used in ApacheModuleRewrite.dsp)

Linker switches

  /nologo        -- supress copyright/version banner
  /machine:I386  -- target platform 
       (this value, I386, isn't documented)
  /dll           -- builds a DLL
  /debug         -- creates debugging info
       (select which sub-operating system should run this)
  /pdbtype:sept  -- use separate PDB debugger files.
      Used on gen_uri_delims.dsp and
      gen_test_char.dsp this is probably
      a better setting, but it only effects
 - ben hyde

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