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From "Ralf S. Engelschall" <>
Subject Re: RfD: new Announcement message
Date Tue, 14 Apr 1998 09:18:14 GMT

In article <> you wrote:

> Though the history lesson in the front of the announcement is great for
> the unknowing user (i.e. a newbie to Apache), it is not as important as
> the new features and should be reduced in size (if possible :).  Maybe
> the first three paragraphs could be combined into one or two with a little
> word-smithing.

Good point, but I tried to avoid changing this section because I know that
this stuff was discussed a lot of time in the past and english is not my
native language, so I try to avoid merging this stuff. This has to be done by
someone who is better in english grammar. Suggestions for a shorter paragraph?

> I like the use of + and - to show ALL the changed since 1.2 ... cool.

Fine. That's excatly why I tried this variant.

> I realize that all of the references (well most of them) are in the doc
> package included in the distribution ... however, if a copy of the doc
> package were put on the site and the URLs given (instead of
> the files), then those who view the announcement from a modern mail
> reader can link directly to the page on the Apache site to see it ...
> thus, 
>>    -  Ported to Windows 95/NT
>>         (see README.NT and htdocs/manual/windows.html)
> could be:
>      -  Ported to Windows 95/NT
>           (see README.NT and

> and it will appear as a link in the mail reader.  It will then be just a
> click away!  (I guess the same can be done for the README.NT as a
> "text/plain" type file as well).

Very good point. How about this: We always provide the extracted source tree
side-by-side with the tarball inside Usually we
have only Then we would have

and thus we are able to link to all README files in the Announcement and in
other files, too. And on the other hand the users can poke around in the
distribution, too. Votes?
                                       Ralf S. Engelschall

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