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From Sam Rasins <>
Subject Re: RfD: new Announcement message
Date Tue, 14 Apr 1998 09:03:03 GMT
> Subject: RfD: new Announcement message
> Comments?
>                                        Ralf S. Engelschall

Okay, here are a few comments from a USER (lurker) ....

I think the announcement that Ralf put together is a good step towards
better communication of the added benefits to running 1.3 .vs. 1.2.  I
especially like the URL references ... it shows that the Apache Group
has much more to offer than just code!  Personally, I *know* y'all put
way more than just code into the project ... but this may NOT be evident
from the Joe Blow perspective.

>  Apache 1.3 Beta 6 Released
>  ==========================
>  The Apache Group is pleased to announce the release of the 1.3b6 version 
>  of Apache, the latest beta release of the Apache HTTP server.
>  Apache has been the most popular web server on the Internet since April of
>  1996. The Web Server Survey by Netcraft (
>  found that more web servers were using Apache than any other software. Apache
>  and its derivatives are run on over 50% of all web domains on the Internet.
>  The Apache project has been organized in an attempt to answer some of the
>  concerns regarding active development of a public domain HTTP server for
>  Unix. The goal of this project is to provide an open-source, secure,
>  efficient and extensible server which provides HTTP services in sync with the
>  current HTTP standards. For more information about the Apache project check
>  out

Though the history lesson in the front of the announcement is great for
the unknowing user (i.e. a newbie to Apache), it is not as important as
the new features and should be reduced in size (if possible :).  Maybe
the first three paragraphs could be combined into one or two with a little

>  To grab the latest Apache distribution, check out 
>  and the huge list of available "Internal Mirror Sites" at 

This is an important paragraph ... a MUST KEEP!!!

I like the use of + and - to show ALL the changed since 1.2 ... cool.

>  For a detailed list of changes please read the CHANGES file in the
>  distribution and the "New Features with Apache 1.3" document at
>  For your convenience here
>  is a short summary of all major changes between Apache 1.2 and 1.3 (changes
>  introduced between last 1.3b5 release and current 1.3b6 release are
>  additionally marked with a plus sign):

I realize that all of the references (well most of them) are in the doc
package included in the distribution ... however, if a copy of the doc
package were put on the site and the URLs given (instead of
the files), then those who view the announcement from a modern mail
reader can link directly to the page on the Apache site to see it ...
>    -  Ported to Windows 95/NT
>         (see README.NT and htdocs/manual/windows.html)

could be:
     -  Ported to Windows 95/NT
          (see README.NT and

and it will appear as a link in the mail reader.  It will then be just a
click away!  (I guess the same can be done for the README.NT as a
"text/plain" type file as well).

>    -  Ported to BS2000/OSD, a mainframe OS with EBCDIC charset 
>         (see src/README.EBCDIC)
>    +  Apache Autoconf-style Interface (APACI) for out-of-the-box installation
>         (see README.configure and INSTALL)
>    -  API Additions
>         (see htdocs/manual/new_features_1.3.html)

Overall ... a vast improvement ...  thanks!

Sambo	P-)

After [Benjamin] Franklin came a herd of Electrical Pioneers whose
names have become part of our electrical terminology: Myron Volt, Mary
Louise Amp, James Watt, Bob Transformer, etc.  These pioneers conducted
many important electrical experiments.  For example, in 1780 Luigi
Galvani discovered (this is the truth) that when he attached two
different kinds of metal to the leg of a frog, an electrical current
developed and the frog's leg kicked, even though it was no longer
attached to the frog, which was dead anyway.  Galvani's discovery led
to enormous advances in the field of amphibian medicine.  Today,
skilled veterinary surgeons can take a frog that has been seriously
injured or killed, implant pieces of metal in its muscles, and watch it
hop back into the pond just like a normal frog, except for the fact
that it sinks like a stone.
		-- Dave Barry, "What is Electricity?"

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