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From Sam Rasins <>
Subject Re: Compromise
Date Fri, 10 Apr 1998 04:38:46 GMT
Subject: Re: Compromise
References: <>

> Sam Rasins wrote:
> > 
> > (P.S. Personally, I'd like to see more definition in the function *and*
> > variable names.  Maybe using 2 or three prefixes is a start and a good
> > trial.  Just like C-T-R  {from R-T-C}, it is a change that may just need
> > a little trial before it is accepted.  :-)
> Unbiased (and hopefully unbiasing) question:  What is your opinion about
> when you'd like to see this?  1.3[.*], 1.4, or 2.0?
> #ken	P-)}

Sorry for the delay in replying ... busy day today ...

I'd like to see a start on renaming (slowly) ASAP ... 1.3.0 would be nice,
and the greater the number of beta cycles prior to 1.3.0 the better.  My
thought is that given time, a gradual phase-in of distinctive and
certainly descriptive prefixes would give everyone a chance to think
through a naming scheme while trying a number of alternatives out "in
the field" as it were.  This way, Apache can have a robust API and
internal naming scheme when 2.0 is ready for its REAL WORK.

Now seems like a perfect opportunity to get the basic definitions down ...
separation of the internal and external interfaces.  I think this has
been proposed on this list.

Thanks for asking!

Take care y'all,
Sambo	P-)

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