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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject someone is a it late for april fools...
Date Thu, 09 Apr 1998 05:06:12 GMT

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>Subject: MS-Apache Announcement!
>Date: Wed, 08 Apr 1998 22:35:12 -0600
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Rueter - Redmond, WA.  Micosoft Corporation(MCOSFT) announced today that it
will incorporate the popular "Apache" web server software into its flagship
"Enterprise" line of products.  MS-Apache, as the new product will be called,
is expected to ship by mid July in its native Windows-NT version, with ports
for several legacy UNIX operating systems, including Sun's Solaris, expected
to follow before the end of the year.

	"We're really excited about the MS-Apache release" said MS spokesman Wedge
Bhuti.  "Apache has already proven to be a robust, scalable web hosting
platform, with a wealth of features.  Combine that with the immense popularity
of Apache, and you can see how rolling it into our product line was really a

	MS VP of Product Development, Brock Landers elaborated "Apache was really
just a product looking for some guidance.  Here you have got this great
software package that is just being given away for free-- it was practically a
cry for help.  Over the next two years, we will improve upon this product with
successive waves of proprietary enhancements.  We hope to leverage the
popularity of Apache -- and consequently MS-Apache -- to further expand our
corporate role as a leader in the creation of new Internet standards. We feel
that MS-Apache will become the standard platform for mission-critical web
hosting over the next year."

	Industry analyst Saul Hansome of Jupeter Communications calls it a "brilliant
move."  "For years, corporate America has been torn between using high quality
freeware and using commercial software backed by large corporations.  Finally
Microsoft has stepped up to the plate with a solution that should benefit all
involved.  Corporate users get the MS safety net -- nobody ever got fired for
buying MS, as the pundits like to say-- they have wanted, and Apache users get
the expanded support for ActiveX, VisualBasic, and FrontPage98 that they have
been clamoring for.  Given MS's excellent track record of successfully turning
open systems into money-making proprietary packages, I don't see how they can
lose."  Landers reinforced that prediction, saying "if you look at our
[standard software] license agreement, you will see that we will not be
significantly more liable for the performance of MS-Apache than we are for
non-MS Apache now, which is to say, not at all. But, we are willing to stand
behind that agreement and put our corporate seal of quality on it."

I saw this about a week ago...Hope its not old news yet ;^)


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