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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: apache-1.3 STATUS
Date Tue, 07 Apr 1998 17:00:59 GMT
> Anyway, moving forward, the problem now with this situation is that the
> two veots (HIDE and ap_) effectively create a stalemate situation. The
> former means we have to rename symbols. So everyone votes for their
> favourites and ap_* wins. But the second veto prevents that vote from
> being implemented. What now? 

I, for one, have no intention of creating a stalemate just for it's
own sake. I may complain and debate, but I also listen and make
concessions, something which is woefully lacking in general.

If the sole reason for this is to avoid name-space collisions, and
it's not by the way, at least in everyone's mind, then it makes
no difference what we name it... I just can't see how the additional
of maybe one single letter to a prefix, which then obviously and
clearly defines at the source code level the API, is NOT a good
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