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From (Ralf S. Engelschall)
Subject Re: Global Renaming: Let us start!
Date Mon, 06 Apr 1998 06:28:11 GMT

In article <> you wrote:

> A major problem is that I can't compile csubst either:

>    % make rename
>    make[1]: Entering directory `/extra/fielding0/private/ws/ap3/src/test/rename/csubst'
>    gcc -O2 -I. -c csubst.c
>    csubst.c:6: err.h: No such file or directory
>    make[1]: *** [csubst.o] Error 1

> Ralf, do I need the idutils to compile this, or is err.h supposed to be
> a system header file?

err.h is a BSD system header file, so I've not discovered this.  I've adjusted
csubst, so it compiles under Solaris 2.6, too. Sorry, but I didn't investigate
much time for portability here, because the stuff is only used once.

>>There is src/test/rename/README but it doesn't say what solution it was
>>designed to implement.  and apapi.h in that directory has some
>>questionable stuff: 

I've said somewhere else that although the apapi_compat.h file is mostly
correct, the apapi.h file was generates just for fun.  I cannot be complete
because it is not such easy to generate without investigating more. It's just
a start and can be manually enhanced if you want.

> That's what I figured.  Actually, it's a miracle that it can do as much
> as it does.  I'll hand-patch those if needed.

Yeah, but I think its optional. It's just generated as an initial header.  I'm
not sure if we really want it.

>>In apapi_compat.h there's the comment:
>> *   Mapping of Apache 1.2 symbols to
>> *   Apache 1.3 symbols which are
>> */
>>Which isn't true... those are CORE_EXPORT symbols, which are still
>>part of the private API... they were never part of the public API.
>>The comment should probably read "mapping of symbols which are private
>>to httpd and should not be considered part of the API".


>>The following are incorrectly placed into the DO_NOT_USE section:
>>#define bprintf                        DO_NOT_USE_bprintf
>>#define bvputs                         DO_NOT_USE_bvputs
>>#define day_snames                     DO_NOT_USE_day_snames
>>#define fnmatch                        DO_NOT_USE_fnmatch
>>#define is_fnmatch                     DO_NOT_USE_is_fnmatch
>>#define month_snames                   DO_NOT_USE_month_snames
>>#define null_cleanup                   DO_NOT_USE_null_cleanup
>>#define os_is_path_absolute            DO_NOT_USE_os_is_path_absolute
>>#define parse_uri                      DO_NOT_USE_parse_uri
>>#define psprintf                       DO_NOT_USE_psprintf
>>#define pstrcat                        DO_NOT_USE_pstrcat
>>#define register_other_child           DO_NOT_USE_register_other_child
>>#define rvputs                         DO_NOT_USE_rvputs
>>#define send_header_field              DO_NOT_USE_send_header_field
>>#define server_root                    DO_NOT_USE_server_root
>>#define set_file_slot                  DO_NOT_USE_set_file_slot
>>#define set_flag_slot                  DO_NOT_USE_set_flag_slot
>>#define set_string_slot                DO_NOT_USE_set_string_slot
>>#define set_string_slot_lower          DO_NOT_USE_set_string_slot_lower
>>#define table_do                       DO_NOT_USE_table_do
>>#define unregister_other_child         DO_NOT_USE_unregister_other_child
>>Many of these are API_EXPORT_NONSTD and so that's why I guess they're
>>messed up.

Correct, I'll fix for this and update with it.
Thanks for pointing this out, Dean.

> Hmmm, we should fix the build script for those.  Ralf?

Yes, I'll fix it.

>>It looks like check_alarm() needs to be part of the API -- otherwise
>>folks can't write win32 modules that do timed stuff (except timed stuff
>>that writes through a BUFF.)

I'll fix this in the source with pstrcat, etc.

                                       Ralf S. Engelschall

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