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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject Apache 1.2.5, IRIX 6.2 and imcomplete downloads of some GIF images
Date Wed, 01 Apr 1998 15:22:00 GMT

>Message-ID: <>
>Date: Wed, 1 Apr 1998 13:01:14 GMT
>Newsgroups: comp.infosystems.www.servers.unix
>From: Mike O'Connor <>
>Subject: Re: Apache 1.2.5, IRIX 6.2 and imcomplete downloads of some GIF images
>References: <> <6f4n9n$651$>
>Reply-To: Mike O'Connor <>
>Organization: The Internet
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In article <6f4n9n$651$>,
Marc Slemko  <> wrote:
:Smells like an IRIX kernel bug that I have seen.  It isn't particular
:to any type of files, it just happens more on larger ones.  I think
:this was introduced with a SGI rollup patch a number (not sure how
:many... could even be six...) of months ago.  Try backing out some 
:of your kernel patches if you can.  If not, try adding the latest
:patches; not sure if there are any out, but if so they may fix it.  Or
:they may not.
:If you have an IRIX support contract, _please_ be sure to get in
:touch with SGI and complain about this.  I am almost certain it is
:a IRIX kernel bug.  You can refer them to PR#1710 in the Apache
:bugdb ( for details.
:It is my understanding that SGI is aware of the bug, however I
:do not know if they have a solution available yet and customer
:pressure always helps.

I _think_ the bug is fixed with patch 2673 -- just recently released.

:In <> Brad J Zoltick <> writes:
:>Under IRIX 6.2 and Apache 1.2.5, I have the problem that some of my GIF
:>files on
:>my webserver only partially download.  That is, the browser seems to
:>think the image
:>is completely download but only a third to one-half of the image is
:>displayed. It seems to
:>happen only with GIF images but this may be only because the converted
:>jpeg image
:>are smaller.
:>I have read the bug report about the FIN_WAIT issue on the Apache
:>website on
:>some UNIX systems and have applied all the patches that are recommended
:>for IRIX 6.2
:>but this has not fixed the problem.  I have experimented with various
:>time-out parameters
:>but this has not solve the problem.
:>I am running Apache 1.2.5 on a multi-homed server (Indigo R4400)
:>supporting 6 lightly
:>used webservers (only a few thousand hits per day).
:>Have other people experienced this problem?   Considering how popular
:>Apache is,
:>others must be having this problem.  Is there a solution for incomplete
:>downloads of GIF images
:>when using an IRIX 6.2 host?
:>Brad Zoltick
:>National Institutes of Health

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