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Subject Re: Serious Use of PROXY module in commercial applications
Date Mon, 06 Apr 1998 12:48:23 GMT
Doug, thanks you for your insiteful comments.

The reason that we did our first prototype with Apache is that it was so easy
for us to understand what was going on with the software, and because we have
been thinking in terms of a hybrid origin/proxy server. Also, because our 
for better or worse, sometimes depend on features such as "IP ADDRESS 
checks, (yes, regex matches of IP addresses are configured to allow access to
certain virtual directories of content, I'm almost embarassed to mention it in 
but this is a commercial product with strange customer demands) we have found
it convenient to modify the apache mod_proxy.c to add headers like REMOTE_ADDR.

I looked at Squid a bit early on, but I might have been
in the "confused stage of product requirements" when I did that look and,
therefore I should be returning to look at it again.

The Netscape Proxy server config we would need costs $5,250 per machine, which
is not radically expensive, but it would require customer programming NSAPI 
just like Apache requires.

Also with Netscape there is the always question of what exactly "commercial 
support" means
when you are a small volume customer in terms of purchase of products but a 
web site in terms of being able to justify having people on staff who can fix 
any problem
that comes up faster than most vendors.

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