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From (Rasmus Lerdorf)
Subject Re: APACI: Commit Strategy
Date Sun, 29 Mar 1998 05:58:14 GMT
> PS: For compiling mod_php3 as a shared object I think it would
>     be good to not put php3 into modules/extra/. Instead you should put it
>     into modules/php3/ as mod_perl does and then provide a Makefile.tmpl and
>     Makefile.libdir similar to the one I recently posted for mod_perl which
>     contains shared object support. Or look at the current
>     modules/proxy/Makefile.tmpl as an example. This way one even could use
>     --enable-shared=php3 which would be useful (you have to compile your
>     sources itself with PIC) ;-)

It is a bit annoying that when I stick my mod_php3.c file and its
accompanying libphp3.a file in src/modules/php3 then Apache's build
procedure wipes out my libphp3.a file because it picks that name for the
library to be built in this directory.


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