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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject Re: make clean isn't
Date Thu, 12 Mar 1998 19:54:52 GMT
No way!  no make clean in Configure... I regularly edit Configuration,
re-Configure and do a "find . -name \*.o | xargs touch; rm modules.o".  I
can't stand everything rebuilding when I just need to test another module. 

So what happens to me is that I edit Configure like this a lot because I
test various module configs and various command line options, and so I end
up with turd .o files lying around.

Also the original PR that caused me to make that change to make clean (to
rm *.o) was that a fellow was using NFS mounted sourced and did a
"./Configure" on solaris, built, then went to IRIX "./Configure", make
clean, build... and I forget which file it was, but one of the .o files
stuck around and messed things up. 


On Thu, 12 Mar 1998, Paul Sutton wrote:

> On Thu, 12 Mar 1998, Dean Gaudet wrote:
> > make clean is leaving around a whole bunch of .o files... because Paul
> > changed it recently to not "rm *.o".  Maybe it's just me because I tend to
> > change my Configuration so much.  But I do find it messy. 
> Well, ok, change it back then if you want. I understand the problem, but
> think it is slightly nicer of Apache to leave .o files it doesn't know
> about alone, just in case (say) people drop a third-party pre-compiled
> module into a normal directory (like modules/standard) then when they try
> to do a rebuild find it has been deleted.
> Perhaps ./Configure should do a make clean first? :-) It forces a rebuild
> of everything anyway! 
> //pcs

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