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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject RE: announcing Apache testers mailing lists
Date Mon, 09 Mar 1998 01:36:37 GMT
The cygwin32 project has a conflicting license requirement which means
that Apache cannot distribute binaries built by it; and because of that we
don't feel that enthused about supporting it period.  If you find this
ludicrous (I do) then I suggest you contact the cygnus folks and express
your desire that cygwin32 be changed to a more free license. 

Specifically, cygwin32 has an "infectuous" GNU license -- everything
compiled in the cygwin32 environment must also be placed under the GNU
license.  The Apache license, which is a valid open source code license
(see is incompatible with the GNU license. 

If you find my statements are wrong then please correct me. 


On Sun, 8 Mar 1998, Ed Nixon wrote:

> Hello Dean.
> Thanks. I'm interested. Don't mind giving this a shot however I don't have 
> a compiler. Are you assuming the person would build the release as well as 
> run it. I understand that this is the feasible expectation for the 
> Unix-nicks. However, I'm from the Win32 contingent running an NT 
> Workstation which should explain (to some extent) why I don't have a 
> compiler ready to hand.
> Alternatively, I was looking at the GNU Win32 distribution put out by the 
> Cygnus people. On the surface it looks like a pretty comprehensive set of 
> tools. Are you familiar enough with the Apache Win32 port to know whether 
> or not it would compile 'off-the-wire' so to speak with gcc, etc.?
> 	...edN
> -----Original Message-----
> From:	Dean Gaudet []
> Sent:	Friday, March 06, 1998 9:00 PM
> To:
> Subject:	announcing Apache testers mailing lists
> The Apache Group would like to expand the audience that is available for
> testing during the development cycles.  In particular, the stable release
> (1.2 currently) receives less testing by the developers because the
> developers are generally running the development release (1.3 currently).
> To aid this we have created two mailing lists:  stable-testers and
> current-testers.
> Volunteers willing to test drive versions of the stable branch of the
> Apache HTTP Server should send a message to
> containing the words:
>     subscribe stable-testers
> Volunteers willing to test drive versions of the current development
> branch of the Apache HTTP Server should send a message to
> containing the words:
>     subscribe current-testers
> These forums will be predominantly one-way: when the Apache Group has a
> new release ready, they will let the appropriate list know about it first,
> and then it is expected that people will pull it down from the Apache web
> site (or one of its mirrors) and give it a spin.  If you see a problem,
> and have with due diligence verified that it isn't a configuration error,
> and it's definitely a difference in behavior from the last public release
> in the series, then please post here about it.
> Thanks!
> Dean

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