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From Paul Sutton <>
Subject gen_* programs on Win32
Date Mon, 30 Mar 1998 16:26:22 GMT
I've committed a change to make building work on Win32 again. Just to
explain: we need to build gen_uri_delims and gen_test_char programs, and
run them to create uri_delims.h and test_char.h. On Unix this is very easy
and elegant, since dependencies can be setup to build the program if
needed then make the header if needed.

On Windows this isn't really possible (you can add custom build steps, but
they aren't powerful enough, and you can add dependencies but only from
pre-existing files). So this is now done by adding to new projects:
gen_uri_delims.{dsp,mak} and gen_test_char.{dsp,mak}. These are in
src/main (to be consistent with Unix, which builds them in this dir). The
object files are created in a sub dir (gen_uri_delim_D, etc). Then the
executable placed in main itself (again, for Unix consisency). Then these
projects include a post-build step to run the program to create the
appropriate header files.

So, these makefiles need running before the main ApacheCore makefile is
run. In the same way we (on Windows) need to remember to run makefiles in
os/win32, ap, regex, etc, before running ApacheCore.mak. Makefile.nt is
updated to do this in the correct order.


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