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From Paul Phillips <>
Subject features
Date Mon, 23 Mar 1998 21:18:29 GMT
I'm now the "blue sky guy" at, see

I'm betting that some of you fine apache developers and lurkers have
good ideas about what we ought to be doing now that the mozilla source
will be running around, especially with regard to protocols, but you
name it.

Call me crazy but I think cooperation between apache folks and mozilla
folks is super key.

So, if you have "blue sky" ideas (and please note the little speech
about the <FOO> tag at the referenced URL, minor protocol tweaks fall
in the same category) that you'd like to see presented at
for public digestion, please bring them up on the mozilla-wishlist
mailing list (preferred) or here (not recommended unless it really has
to do with apache development) or email me directly (if you have some
good reason not to use mozilla-wishlist.) Info on the mozilla mailing
lists is at


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