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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject pedantic select() question
Date Wed, 25 Mar 1998 18:39:30 GMT
the single unix spec docs for select() say:

  Implementations may place limitations on the maximum timeout interval
  supported. On all implementations, the maximum timeout interval
  supported will be at least 31 days. If the timeout argument specifies
  a timeout interval greater than the implementation-dependent maximum
  value, the maximum value will be used as the actual timeout value.
  Implementations may also place limitations on the granularity of
  timeout intervals. If the requested timeout interval requires a
  finer granularity than the implementation supports, the actual
  timeout interval will be rounded up to the next supported value.

So if I pass it a null tv, can it still legally timeout after 31
days, or does that only apply if you pass a struct tv with something
set in it?  That would be a cute bug if your application broke
because of it.  Hard to debug.  <g>

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