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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject mention of Apache
Date Tue, 10 Mar 1998 04:03:06 GMT

"Developers keep in touch via e-mail--a communication
mode that, while effective, isn't always efficient"

Hmm.  Looking at their finalists for their awards coming up

Darn.  Morons.  For their "Top Products for Internet Professionals" awards
(no, Apache wouldn't be in there because it isn't for "internet 
professinoals", it's for people that do things) they include 
as finalists in server software:

	    JavaSoft / Java Web Server
	    Netscape Communications / Netscape Application Server
	    Sitara / SpeedServer 

I don't see why their Java web server is outstanding; while I haven't
used it much, what I have heard from several people who want to 
like it, they can't because it is so lacking, and I don't see it getting
any real use.  But, what do I know about the web.

Sitara's product is (from what they say on their web site; haven't seen
it) yet another big pile of festering crap.  You know,
another one of those products that makes wonderous claims about how
it can boost performance while at the same time lying about what TCP
can do today (oh yea, TCP is a go-back-n protocol) or essentially 
removing congestion control to try to shove more packets through 
a congested link.  Byte did a brief (page) article on it the other 
month.  When I mentioned to the author that it was a dumb product,
he agreed and wished he had never written the review and made 
rosy (not for the company) predictions of just how soon they will
run out of money and go away.  On top of that, it appears the 
product hasn't even shipped yet!  They claim up to a 10x 
speed increase.  

You know, it is almost worth going to Internet World just to torment
sales droids.

As for Netscape's Application server, have nothing good or bad to say.

Heheh.  Cute.  I didn't know Bay was making an "extranet switch".  
What is next?  An exonet?  Good god people, they are all networks.

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