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Subject Re: vetoing hide.h
Date Tue, 31 Mar 1998 22:02:35 GMT
> In any case, it has to
> be gone before the next release or the deed is done (sorry, Rasmus,
> but you aren't the only module developer --- I am more worried about
> the ones without a clue).

Hrm..  I think the complexity and lack of documentation of the current
API precludes completely clueless module developers.  I am pretty sure 
that I am close to the bottom end in terms of my clue level and still being
able to write a module.

>    1) global replace


>    2) replace only those symbols necessary (all 3 of them).  Provide
>       the equivalent compatibilty defines where they are declared.
>       A short term solution, but easy.

3 that we know about right now, but there are sure to be more.  If I sat
down for a couple of days and took a look at all the potential libraries
out there, I am sure I could find more troublesome symbols.  And adding more
symbols to this list of yours after the fact defeats the whole purpose.
My main motivation is to have things like RedHat Linux, for example, ship
with a mod_so enabled httpd that I can then feed modules to and add them 
on the fly without the user ever having to recompile his httpd.

>    3) do nothing until 2.0

I hope this isn't a serious option.

Like I said before, I couldn't care less how the problem is fixed.  But I
do care that it is fixed.


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