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Subject ApacheNT problem
Date Wed, 25 Mar 1998 22:43:50 GMT
Ok, let's try this again.  Here is a message from Shane Caraveo who is
responsible for the Windows version of PHP.  Currently he is playing with
the CGI version of the parser and is trying to set things up such that he
can configure ApacheNT to run a PHP-based CGI script the same way you can
run a Perl-based CGI script under NT-based web servers.  I am not too
familiar with it, but apparently you set up Perl in the registry with
something like "c:\path\perl.exe %s %s" and when the web server tries to
run a CGI script which has somehow been associated with Perl, then the 
web server passes certain things to the perl parser in argv[1] and argv[2].
Any insight someone more familiar with ApacheNT could share would be

Here is Shane's message:

Hi Rasmus,
This definetely has to be an apache problem I am experiencing.  I have
tested my cgi implementation with argc/argv on netscape/iis/pws, and have
gotten emails it is working under website as well.  So it seems that
argv[0]=executable argv[1]=file-to-open argv[2]=querystring
Within PHP, a url like : http://host/file.php/extra?info
with argv[1]=c:\pathto\file.php
Currently, any url with /extra?info (or just /extra or just ?info) failes
under apachent 1.3b5 when it works on any other win server I have, and the
few others have reported back to me on.  It looks like ApacheNT is not 
filling in argv[1] and argv[2] correctly, or at all actually.


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