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Subject Re: Open Market owns personalization?
Date Wed, 04 Mar 1998 17:40:19 GMT
> On Wed, 4 Mar 1998 wrote:
> > I can show that I implemented a session id in a url in an application
> > at in october of 1994.
> I haven't been paying too much attention, but I used what might be called
> session info in a hangman game in ~Aug '93 ish. Does that count ?

It is really going to depend on the wording of the patent.  I did a bunch
of web stuff in early 94.  One of the projects I did had a session key
generated from a gettimeofday() call with a gdbm-storage mechanism for the
session info.  I didn't mail this thing to myself and store it in a safety
deposit box, so I have no idea how one would go about proving when the
actual "invention" occurred.

I have a feeling these patents are going to get tightened up quite a bit.
The only question right now is when exactly to short OMKT.


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