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From "Roy T. Fielding" <>
Subject color me beta
Date Thu, 26 Mar 1998 05:02:32 GMT
As near as I can tell, we are no closer to 1.3.0 than we were four
months ago.  That is, 1.3b-dev is ready for final release on Unix,
but is not ready for prime time on Win32. More importantly, the things
that are showstoppers for Win32 are not being worked on anyway, and we
still don't have a production test site (with a reliable bug reporter)
on the Win32 platform.

So, either we stop claiming we are close to 1.3.0 release, or we
ditch the showstoppers on Win32.

My preference would be to end the insanity of beta releases.  They don't
do anything useful for us, and are now treated with more care and concern
then we used to treat full point releases.  Just call it 1.3.0 and
add "beta" to the filename until we think it isn't a beta.


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