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From "Roy T. Fielding" <>
Subject Re: HTTP_Features.tsv
Date Mon, 16 Mar 1998 20:13:11 GMT
>Roy I was looking at filling this in but I'm not sure at all how to answer
>some of it.  For example: 
>10.2.2  201 Created     ?       ?
>Sure, we support 201, but only if a module generates it.  There's a tiny
>bit of code in the core to support it.  Is that a y?

I've been thinking of putting in a "Y*" for things that have been implemented
by some third-party module, with a "N" under tested.  I'll probably try
implementing things that are unimplemented before submitting the table.

>10.2.3  202 Accepted    ?       ?
>There's absolutely no code in the core to support it beyond the code which
>sets the status in the response.  But a module can generate it... is that
>a y? 

Yep, since we support it for CGI scripts and I've written one of those
in the past.

>and so on. 
>Who is to fill out the testing column?  Are there any HTTP/1.1 test suites

Anybody.  Tested means tested against some independently developed app,
such as some other vendor in the HTTP compatibility testing that
Scott Lawrence has been running every two weeks.  No test suites yet. :(

BTW, Gisle Aas uploaded to CPAN a new HTTP/1.1 implementation of
libwww-perl5 called LWPng-alpha-0.04.tar.gz.


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