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From Jeroen Ruigrok <>
Subject Re: Apache in LanTimes
Date Sun, 01 Mar 1998 15:06:20 GMT
At 01:38 04-03-98 , you wrote:
>Ben Laurie wrote:
>> Jim Jagielski wrote:

>> This stuff kills me:
>> '"One thing about free Web servers is that you don't get a lot of
>> support with them; you do not have a lot of upgradeability; and
>> sometimes function lags a little bit behind the commercial products,"
>> said Steve Lopez, director of systems and technology at the National
>> Board of Medical Exam-iners in Philadelphia. "And because the commercial
>> ones have always been inexpensive enough, we have never really explored
>> free Web servers."'
>> Translation:
>> "I know shit about Apache, but believe me, I don't need to".
>"Yes, I am totally ignorant of the fact that free, developer-
>supported software can provide features and fixes much faster
>than sloth-like commercial products. Not only that, but I
>am totally clueless about things like modules and stuff."

Ye even wonder if they know about developer supported software, thus far
all the free server/development lists I am on (Apache, Squid, GnuWin32)
provide me with much more updates than something like Microsoft or Netscape
could ever do...

Ok so one solution may break a feature/portion next month(not likely though
<G>) but no doubt we have about 10 solutions waiting to fix that problem...

Freeware? In my eyes one of the best things out there...

My two cents =P

Jeroen Ruigrok van der Werven / Asmodai <>
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