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From Michael Smith <>
Subject Something broke on the way to 1.3 ...
Date Fri, 27 Mar 1998 10:25:08 GMT
Just upgraded most of our servers from 1.2.6 to 1.3b6-dev.  This went
smoothly with just one little  exception.  To try to cut a long
httpd.conf short I had something like the following

ProxyPass /proxy/foo http://foo/
<Location ~ "/register|/admin">
  require valid-user

A user asking for


would need to authenticate themself before the proxy request took
place.  This all worked fine!

Under 1.3 however, a user asking for the same URL gets a 407 (Proxy
authentication required) error - which the browser (Communicator in this
case) doesn't take to mean that it should pop up a username/password
box.  Hence the request never gets to the proxy server

I'm not sure what behaviour is "correct", but figured it was worth


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