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From Doug MacEachern <>
Subject Re: [mod_perl] new modules/perl/Makefile.tmpl
Date Thu, 19 Mar 1998 22:41:53 GMT
Ralf S. Engelschall wrote:

> Just for those who are interested and of course for Doug:
> I've currently added support into APACI for on-the-fly building Apache 1.3
> with mod_perl and had to fight hardly with the supplied Makefile from
> mod_perl-1.09. I think it is one which runs also for Apache 1.2 hence the
> missing cleanup in this file. I've now created a modules/proxy/Makefile.tmpl
> which can be used with the current Apache 1.3b6-dev.
> What's the advantage? You can build mod_perl both via AddModule and
> SharedModule out-of-the-box this way. Just copy the stuff from
> mod_perl-1.09/src/modules/perl/ and add the appended Makefile.tmpl.

Great stuff Ralf!  Yeah, the mod_perl Makefile and Makefile.PL are messy, in part to support
both 1.2.x
and 1.3.x.  I think once 1.3 final is released, new releases mod_perl will stop supporting
1.2.x and the
current mess will be cleaned up.  Then, I'll make messy all over again to support 1.3.x and
2.0.x ;-)


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