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From Doug MacEachern <>
Subject Re: win32 and <Perl>
Date Sun, 15 Mar 1998 22:02:42 GMT
Dean Gaudet wrote:

> srm_command_loop I'm definately FOR adding to the api, that's an
> oversight...
> But I'm confused, I thought that once we put in the pcfg stuff you
> wouldn't need things like limit_section() and init_virtual_host() and
> whatnot.  Can't you just pcfg_open_custom/srm_command_loop for those?

We have started using pcfg_open_custom for feeding strings to the config
gears, which works quite nice.  But, the direct Perl variable -> config
mapping doesn't use pcfg_open_custom yet, and would require a considerable
amount of work to do so, including maintaining backwards compatibility w/
1.2.x.  In other words, the <Perl> stuff is currently stable, heaps of
people rely on it.  Only a few API_EXPORTs and magic, the feature is
available to win32 users and presumably just as stable as it is under unix.
<Perl> sections under win32 could hook into the windows registry and other
funky stuff.  Since some of these functions are clearly not part of the
"API", how about a


or something like that, which does the same as API_EXPORT, but doesn't
advertise itself as "public" to readers of the source code?


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