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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: vetoing hide.h
Date Wed, 01 Apr 1998 04:04:41 GMT
At 10:47 PM 3/31/98 -0500, Rodent of Unusual Size wrote:
>For me, the ideal solution is to a) decide on a nomenclature,
>and then b) modify the symbols and their references into accordance.
>If that means changing all the "palloc" calls to "mumble_palloc", then
>that's what it takes.  I consider this the probable Right Thing.
>But that isn't going to happen before 2.0.

What's not, deciding on a nomenclature or changing all the calls?  Changing
all the calls can be done in a day by someone experienced in the art of
careful search-and-replace.  It's also easy for us to validate that work as
it happens.  heck, I'll volunteer to do it, but we already have a volunteer
(Roy).  As for deciding nomenclature, I'm willing to leave it as ap_ for
everything (and not worry about changing os_ routines) for the sake of
resolving that debate.

>So for a short-term solution, I'd like to see all of the symbols
>given an (hopefully) Apache-specific prefix to avoid any collisions.
>As Rasmus (I think) pointed out, even though we only know of three
>now, there are probably others awaiting us - so namespace *all*
>of the symbols now.  Something like hide.h does this without
>requiring massive code changes, and it can be toggled, too.  Something
>that accomplishes the same end would be acceptable - I'm not in
>a "hide.h or else" stance.

But you need a toggle-able solution?

>Setting something up so that module writers or other hackers can
>encounter a collision, and have to twiddle some file to deal with
>that single symbol, I consider highly sub-optimal.

Highly agreed!

>Note that I am backing off entirely on the idea of overloading
>hide.h into a give-the-symbols-meaningful-prefixes function.

Yeah, seductive at first, but then you see the precipice immediately after
that... :)


"Optimism is a strategy for making               
a better future." - Noam Chomsky              

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