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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: automated platform testing
Date Thu, 19 Mar 1998 04:15:00 GMT

<security paranoia=high>
This in effect gives every apache developer with commit access a shell
account on all test machines.  

Otherwise, I really like the idea, so long as it's as automated and
organized as we can make it.  I don't envy the work Ben must put in to
distill the essential error messages from the daily build reports!

Is there a way we could address the security issue?  I guess the shell
scripts are all we need to really worry about.

Don't take this paranoia the wrong way; I love y'all like family. :)


At 09:38 PM 3/17/98 -0700, Marc Slemko wrote:
>Put together a script that can be run automatically to build binaries.
>Mail the output to an email address, that looks to find changes and errors
>and whines about that and puts the full output on the web.
>Hopefully, have the person whose box it is normally be able to act as a
>contact for that platform.
>This is similar to Ben Hyde's build reports, except that it is designed
>for easy distribution across a larger number of machines around
>It would be cool to build in automatic binary builds for releases into
>this, but I do not consider that wise because we can not distribute
>binaries from any old machine and we should welcome any old machine to
>participate; one per platform, of course. 
>This gives an easier way to be sure things at least build before release,
>and is especially useful when 2.0 work gets going to try to maintain some
>semblence of portability as it goes without big hassles.  Many build
>issues can be dealt with easily without having access to the platform.
specialization is for insects

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