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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: mention of Apache
Date Tue, 10 Mar 1998 05:17:15 GMT
At 08:52 PM 3/9/98 -0800, Ian Kluft wrote:
>> From: Marc Slemko <>
>> "Developers keep in touch via e-mail--a communication
>> mode that, while effective, isn't always efficient"

Please explain to me what part of that quote, or the rest of the article
which quoted me, was inaccurate.

>It sounds like they think e-mail is all the Apache Group uses.  

It is our predominant communication vehicle.  CVS is just a way to keep
score; and when a CVS change is made, guess what - email is sent.  

>probably hopeless to try to convince clueless newbies in the media how
>distribited software development and CVS work... 

To be fair, it'd be like trying to teach surgery to journalists; it's not
an obvious or easy-to-understand thing.

>but maybe some people
>out there could benefit from an overview on Apache's web site about how
>the development process works.  Anyway, it's something to think about
>next time someone working on the Apache web site has a fit of creativity...

Yep, a quick overview document would be fabulous.


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