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From Daniel Veillard <>
Subject Re: Apache <--> CORBA integration
Date Wed, 25 Mar 1998 21:16:56 GMT

> > Name: Nick Sgouros
> > Company: University of Athens
> > Email:
> > I am interested in the integration of CORBA technologies in Apache
> > Servers (That means [HTTP SERVER]<---->ORB client<--IIOP-->ORB Server
> > and would like too knoow if there is anybody working on the first
> > part...

  For the W3C HTTP-NG work I have done an integration of ILU with
Apache-1.3 . Check for more
informations about ILU.  The goal is to provide an ILU front-end for HTTP
  The standard Apache processing shouldn't be modified, but ILU is hooked
and wait on it's own port(s) on each child, each incoming request received
by ILU is converted to an Apache internal request structure and processed
the usual way, except that the buff lib is not used. Instead one build an
ILU response which is passed back to the ILU kernel once the request has
been fully processed. Then ILU handle back the answer and give back control
to the select() call in the child process.
  I have tried to minimize the change to the standard Apache code base
and to document all of them in manual/httpng/http_ng.html ... The main
changes are in http_main.c where I had to plug some code around select()
call and to move the main loop found into child_main() as a separate
function (handling of RPC-like reentrancy mechanism in ILU).

  A warning here, this is beta software, and I deliver it as if without
any guarantee, I just can't do support on it. But I would be interested
in feedback if some other people can take the time to play with it,
maybe it could be done in a better way as a module, there is still
quite some bugs. I would be happy to share experience with other, for
example on getting it multithreaded, using other stacks than HTTP, 
bug hunting, etc ...

Installation :
 1/ fetch an ILU source distribution, install it in a subdirectory ILUSRC
    configure it with C and http support, compile it (you don't need to
    do "make Install"
 2/ fetch apache_1.3b5.tar.gz, extract it along with ILUSRC
 3/ apply the patch found at:
 4/ Configure your Apache the usual way (cd apache_1.3b5/src, ./Configure,
 5/ launching make nghttpd (ok, the name is bad it should be iluhttpd !)
    build main/libng.a and ./nghttpd
 6/ Add the following line to your httpd.conf
    NGTransport tcp_0_5001 http_1_0

    to ask ILU to install an handler for HTTP/1.0 on port 5001.

  Oh, and there is a preprocessor flag DEBUG_NG which will certainly be
useful :-)


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