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From sameer <>
Subject Re: windows installer
Date Mon, 16 Mar 1998 03:53:55 GMT
	We use IS2 at C2 and it sucks less than everything else we've
looked at. I think IS2 is cheap too. If IS2 is under $100, go buy it
and C2 will reimburse you. If its more than that, please let me know
how much it is and I'll see if we can swing it.
	I *think* someone here has looked at Wise. Tim?

> It has been suggested to me that looking at a product called Wise
> ( may be worthwhile.  I know nothing about it, and we
> would have to convince them to give a free license, but I figure perhaps
> their programmers have advanced beyond the "busy-wait 'cause its cool"
> stage that installshield is at. 
> I support whatever works, and if IS2 is that then I sure won't complain. 
> But I'm leery of all IS products based on what I have seen of IS5... 
> Anyone have any background in actually using this?  I realize that we have
> the stuff required for an IS2 installer that works ok, but I am concerned
> about the future.

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