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From Rodent of Unusual Size <Ken.C...@Golux.Com>
Subject [STATUS] (apache-1.3) Wed Mar 11 23:45:29 EST 1998
Date Thu, 12 Mar 1998 04:45:30 GMT
Apache 1.3 STATUS:


    2.0  : In pre-alpha development
	    see: <>
    1.3b6: in development
    1.3b5: Tagged APACHE_1_3b5 and released
    1.3b4: Internal version... not tagged or released.
    1.3b3: Released and announced
    1.3b1: There is no 1.3b1

Current Modes:

    o Commit-Then-Review (see <>



Committed Code Changes:
    * Dean's `const'-change to os_is_path_absolute().
    * Security patch for "UserDir /abspath" without a * in the path. PR#1701
    * Dean's cleanup of race conditions in Unix child_main
    * Dean's fixes for better handling of various errors from select() and
      accept() in child_main(). PR#1747, 1107, 588, 1787, 987, 588
    * Dean's add of -lm to LIBS for HPUX. PR#1639
    * Ralf's remove of obsolete "dist.tar" target from Makefile.tmpl
    * Dean's fixes for some inconsistencies in <Files> semantics. PR#1817
    * Dean's <Files> is not permitted within <Location>. PR#379
    * Dean's and Martin's fix of </Files> 
    * Fix for mod_mime_magic error messages. PR#1827
    * Workaround for using RLIMIT_AS for the RLimitMEM directive. PR#1816
    * Doug's patch to bind a process to a single processor under AIX
    * Martin's patch for mod_info to fix HTML markup
    * Martin's changes to the check_cmd_context() function 
    * Patch for the ap_cpystrn() off-by-1 error
    * Dean's fix for multiple UserDir problem introduced during 1.3b4-dev.
    * Dean's fix to problems with absoluteURIs.
    * Dean's patch to use SA_RESETHAND or SA_ONESHOT for coredump handlers.
    * Patch to recognize FreeBSD versions. PR#1450
    * Workaround in mod_status for NeXT's running not m68k chips
    * Fix for -X situation to honor the SIGINT or SIGQUIT signals
    * Patch to hide Proxy-Authorization from CGI/SSI/etc
    * Ralf's new ProxyPassReverse directive for mod_proxy
    * Ralf's add of new RewriteMap types: rnd and int. PR#1631
    * Fix regex handling for mod_setenvif BrowserMatch command. PR#1825
    * Ralf's fix for assumptions on the username characters in mod_rewrite
    * Paul's merge of os/win32/mod_dll.c into modules/standard/mod_so.c
    * Paul's patch for reading the server-root from the NT registry
    * Ralf's fix for locking of `RewriteMap' programs. PR#1029
    * Dean's fix for the `config with no Port setting' situation
    * Ralf's fix for `RewriteMap' program handling. PR#1431
    * Ralf's fix for the initialization of RewriteLogLevel. PR#1325
    * Ralf's mod_rewrite meta-construct expansion inconsistency fix
    * Martin's new URI parsing stuff (the source module main/util_uri.c)
    * New `%a' construct for LogFormat and CustomLog. PR#1885
    * Ralf's `Rule HIDE' feature for hiding the symbol namespace
    * Make \\ behave as expected.
    * Fix for "poly" directive in image maps. PR#1771
    * Reduce memory usage, and speed up ServerAlias support. PR#1531
    * Dean's cleanup of code in http_vhost.c and vhost-stuff in mod_rewrite.c
    * Dean's rewrite of absoluteURI handling vhost matching
    * Dean's new mod_test_util_uri.c 
    * back out USE_PTHREAD_SERIALIZED_ACCEPT for solaris
    * Ken's abstraction of SERVER_{BUILT,VERSION}
    * Ken's fix for os/unix/os.h and the new -DHIDE functionality
    * Ralf's Config File Line Continuation
    * Ralf's Reanimation of DBM support for RewriteMap in mod_rewrite PR#1696
    * Ralf's fix for the `<VirtualHost> w/o mod_rewrite' situation. PR#1790
    * Mark's fix for ProxyPass/ProxyRequests interaction broken by uri stuff
    * Rasmus' generation of the new src/include/ap_config.h header file
    * Dean's fix for mod_mime_magic and files with length 0
    * Dean's change to Location and LocationMatch semantics. PR#1440
    * Ralf's fix for the flock()<->fork() problematic for RewriteLock's
    * Dean's Minor cleanup in http_main
    * Ralf's Various improvements to the configuration and build support
    * Corrections to the setup of the REMOTE_HOST variable. PR#1925 
    * Fix for rputs() which did not calculate r->sent_bodyct properly. PR#1900
    * Don't tweak TZ envvar if the user has specified an explicit one. PR#1888
    * Ralf's mod_so changes to keep track of loaded modules ourself.

Available Patches:

    * M.D.Parker's [PATCH] mod_status/1448: Status Information have version
	Status: Dean +1, Martin +0 (duplicates /server-info?server),
		Alexei -1 (shared lib concerns)


    * Ralf's [CONTRIB] AutoConf Interface Emulation
        (idea: GNU-style {configure,Makefile.tmpl} replaces existing 
        but incomplete {Makefile,src/helpers/InstallApache}) 
        Status: Ralf +1   (for 1.3.0 because either now or better never to
                           avoid confusion later in the release cycle)
                Jim +1    (for 1.3.1 on concept)
                Jim -1    (for 1.3.0 because too late)
                Randy -1  (too late for 1.3 in general)
                Ken -1    (for 1.3.0 in general)

    * Dean's [PRE-PATCH] expanding ap_snprintf()
	Status: Dean +1, Ben +1, Jim 0, Martin 0, Brian +1(?), Ken +1
	See <>
	for a more up-to-date idea (int vformatter) that has a
	vote of +1 from Dean, Ben, Martin, Paul, Jim, and Ken for concept

In progress:

    * Dean's [PATCH] yet another slow function
	Status: Dean +1, Jim +1, Martin +1, Paul +1
	Needs to be redone so that it better supports non-ascii hosts.

    * Ken's IndexFormat enhancement to mod_autoindex to allow
      CustomLog-like tailoring of directory listing formats

Needs patch:

    * Dean's "locale" project
	See <>
    * os_ abstract is_only_below() in mod_include.c

    * proxy security fixes from 1.2.5 need to be brought forward

    * Documentation for:
      1) htdocs/manual/sourcereorg.html and other files should mention 
         new mod_so capabilities.
      2) windows.html should be cleaned up.

    * uri issues (dean will do unless someone else wants 'em):
	- RFC2068 requires a server to recognize its own IP addr(s) in dot
	notation, we do this fine if the user follows the dns-caveats
	documentation... we should handle it in the case the user doesn't ever
	supply a dot-notation address.

Closed issues:

    * Removal of inetd mode
	Ken says he'll try to maintain it, since there are
	people/places who need it

    * The decision has been made to experiment with allowing code
      changes to be committed without prior review.

    * Guidelines for commit-then-review are documented at

    * The "apache" CVS module has been renamed to "apache-1.2" and the
      "apachen" module to "apache-1.3".  "apache-1.3" has been copied
      to "apache-2.0", but whether that's appropriate or not is
      under discussion.  A couple of people want that module to
      start empty rather than full of 1.3's stuff.

Open issues:

    * Provide consistant prefixes; suggestions:

      Apache provided general functions (e.g., ap_cpystrn)
	ap_xxx: Ken +1, Brian +1, Ralf +1, Martin +1

      Public API functions (e.g., palloc)
	apapi_xxx: Ken +1, Brian +1, Ralf +1, Martin +1

      Private functions which we can't make static
      but should be (e.g., new_connection)
	appri_xxx: Brian +1
	httpd_xxx: Ken +1
	apint_xxx: Ralf +1 (int = internal)

    * Ken's [POLL] apachen/patches directory
      Shall we experiment with allowing patches to be distributed for
      voting through cvs, by creating a directory under the source tree
      and putting them there?  Please vote.
	Status: Ken +1, Randy 0, Dean 0, Jim +1, Paul 0, Martin +1, Ralf 0

    * Paul would like to see a 'gdbm' option because he uses
      it a lot. Dean notes that 'gdbm' include 'db' support
      so we need to watch the library ordering.

	Dean notes:  Check rev 1.72 -> rev 1.73 of
	src/Configuration.tmpl.  I re-ordered mod_auth_dbm and
	mod_auth_db at this time, and I'm pretty sure it was to
	deal with this issue.  But I think I still ran into
	troubles if I automatically looked for gdbm.

    * What do we call the binary: apache or httpd? Under UNIX
      it's httpd, under Win32 it's apache. Maybe rename it
      to apache-httpd?
	apache-httpd: Ken +1
        leave it apache: Brian +1, Ralf +1

    * Maybe a http_paths.h file? See
	Dean +1, Brian +1

    * Release builds: Should we provide Configuration or not?
      Should we 'make all suexec' in src/support?
	Ken +1 (possible suexec path issue, though)
        Brian +1

    * root's environment is inherited by the Apache server. Jim, Ken &
      Dean thinks we should recommend using 'env' to build the
      appropriate environment. Marc and Alexei don't see any
      big deal. Martin says that not every "env" has a -u flag.

    * 206 vs. 200 issue on Content-Length
	See <>
	Roy says current behavior is correct, but Alexei disagrees.
	Marc sides with Alexei.

    * Marc's socket options like source routing (kill them?)
	Marc, Dean, Martin say Yes

    * Marc's [BUG] include virtual and SCRIPT_NAME w/path_info

    * Ken's PR#1053: an error when accessing a negotiated document
      explicitly names the variant selected.  Should it do so, or should
      the base input name be referenced?

Win32 specific issues:

 Open issues:

    * Should ApacheCore.dll be merged back into the main server
      image?  May make debugging easier..

 In progress:

    * Ben's ASP work... All agree it sounds cool.

    * DDA's adding a tray application to the Windoze version for ease of
	Status: Ken +1, Sameer +1, Martin +1, Ben +1 (as long as
	we get a single executable)
	Paul: No like Win95 specific stuff
	Ken: What's W95-specific about it?


    * process/thread model
	- need dynamic thread creation/destruction, similar to 
	  Unix process model
	- can't use WaitForMultipleObjects in the same way we
	  do now, since that has a limit of 64(!) objects.  Grr.

    * some errors printed by CGIs to stderr don't end up making it
      to the server log unless an extra debugging message is added
      after they run? (PR#1725 indicates this may not be just Win32)

    * bad use of chdir in some places; it isn't thread-specific

    * handle bugs that make it pop up errors on console, ie. segv 
      equiv?  Can we do this?  Need to make it robust.

    * install
	- make installshield work
	- config in cvs tree?
	- install docs, etc.?
	- location for install

    * signal type handling
    	- how to rotate logs from command line?

    * the mutex should be critical-regions, since the current design
      is creating a mess of SO calls that are unnecessary

    * we don't mmap on NT.  Use TransmitFile?

    * CGIs
        - hangs on multiple CGI execution?  PR#1607,1129
    	    Marc can't repeat...
	- docs on how they work w/scripts
	- use registry to find interpreter?
	- WTF is the buffering coming from?
	    - we don't have a way to make non-blocking files on NT!

    * performance

    * documentation:
	- running the server without admin
	- how CGIs work
	- update README.NT
	- short/long name handling
	- better status page on current state of NT for users

    * http_main.c hell
	- split into two files?

    * who should run the service?  Who exactly is the "system account"?

      docs say:

      Localsystem is a very privileged account locally, so you shouldn't run
      any shareware applications there. However, it has no network privileges
      and cannot leave the machine via any NT-secured mechanism, including
      file system, named pipes, DCOM, or secure RPC.


      A service that runs in the context of the LocalSystem account
      inherits the security context of the SCM. It is not associated with
      any logged-on user account and does not have credentials (domain
      name, user name, and password) to be used for verification. This
      has several implications: [... removed ...]

      That _really_ sucks.  Can we recommend running Apache as some 
      other user?

    * need a crypt() of some sort.
	- sources are easy; problem is export restrictions on DES
	- if we don't do DES, can do md5

    * modules that need to be made to work on win32
        - mod_example isn't multithreadreded
	- mod_unique_id (needs mt changes)
	- mod_auth_db.c  (do we want to even try this?  We should have some
          db of some sort... what else can we pick from under win32?)
	- mod_auth_dbm.c
	- mod_info.c (PR re exporting symbols for it...)
	- mod_log_agent.c
	- mod_log_referer.c
	- mod_mime_magic.c (needs access to mod_mime API stage...)

    * do something to disable bogus warnings


    * SECURITY: PR#1203 still needs to be dealt with for WIN32

    * SECURITY: check if the magic con/aux/nul/etc names do anything
	really bad

    * SECURITY: numerous uses of strcpy and strcat have potential
	for buffer overflow, someone should rewrite or verify
	they're safe

Proposed announcement for -testers mailing list:

    The Apache Group would like to expand the audience that is available
    for testing during the development cycles.  In particular, the stable
    release (1.2 currently) receives less testing by the developers
    because the developers are generally running the development release
    (1.3 currently).  To aid this we have created two mailing lists:
    stable-testers and current-testers.

    Volunteers willing to test drive versions of the stable branch of
    the Apache HTTP Server should send a message to
    containing the words:

	subscribe stable-testers

    Volunteers willing to test drive versions of the current development
    branch of the Apache HTTP Server should send a message to containing the words:

	subscribe current-testers

    These forums will be predominantly one-way: when the Apache Group has
    a new release ready, they will let the appropriate list know about it
    first, and then it is *expected* that people will pull it down from
    the Apache web site (or one of its mirrors) and give it a spin.  If
    you see a problem, and have with due diligence verified that it
    isn't a configuration error, and it's definitely a difference in
    behavior from the last public release in the series, then please
    post here about it.


    Dean intends to post this on friday, around noon PST.

    Status: Dean +1, Ken +1, Ralf +1, Martin +1

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