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From (Ralf S. Engelschall)
Subject Re: [PATCH] Network Socket Support for Logfiles
Date Fri, 06 Mar 1998 07:13:17 GMT

In article <> you wrote:

> FEATURITIS!  Piped logs let you do all of this already.  This is the same
> complaint I had about adding syslog support. 
> -1 until you prove why using "socket" or "netcat" is insufficient. 

Sure, a lot of stuff can be emulated by piped logs. I didn't say that the
direct support for network sockets is really needed. I just wanted to post the
patch because I find it really useful and wanted to publish it to the
audience. Especially for those who run a webcluster. There is really no need
to include it in the official distribution.

(Although there would be a few reasons: First when using "socket" or "netcat"
you need one more external program. As for mod_rewrite's RewriteMap programs
using external programs just to overcome a simple restriction is a little bit
ugly in design and runtime behaviour. I usually lile all-in-one programs
better.  Adding the network socket support was trivial and needs only minimal
changes to the implementation of ErrorLog and CustomLog.  Second tools like
"socket" or "netcat" are not installed per default on servers and internal
support avoids the installation for these tools on every backend server in a
cluster. Third syslog needs one more service and has to be configured
additionally on backends and the master server, etc. pp.)

                                       Ralf S. Engelschall

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