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From Ian Kluft <>
Subject Re: [BUILD] fixs, RAND_MAX remains, rshd on NT
Date Wed, 04 Mar 1998 01:20:20 GMT
> From: Marc Slemko <>
> On Tue, 3 Mar 1998, Ben Hyde wrote:
> >   mod_rewrite.c:2771: `RAND_MAX' undeclared (first use this function)
> Guess we need a ifndef RAND_MAX and just guess at it being 32767...

That agrees with assumptions we're making for mod_jserv too.

Since we're using the pseudorandom number generator within the authentication
algorithm (between the server and the servlet engine), the AJPv2 protocol
spec (which affects mod_jserv) advises the implementor to assume 15 bits
from a pseudorandom number generator unless they *know* they have more.

(Details are at
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