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From "Frank Faubert" <>
Subject Re: Voting: APACI
Date Wed, 25 Mar 1998 22:49:23 GMT
Hi Chuck,

>Frank, would you then have a problem downloading it from contrib?

No, I would not.  However, thats because I would at least know it exists.
How many new users are going to actually look there? :)

>what I'm encouraging. We've been through too many debacles of late major
>changes in Apache releases to want to go through it again. Let me be
>clear. I think APACI is great. I think it belongs in 1.3.1. I don't
>think it belongs in 1.3.0 because of insufficient time before release,
>and the fact that 1.3.0 is supposed to be in feature freeze.
>If the majority of the group feels otherwise, I will accept that
>position. I don't think this is unfair to the vast user community that
>expects Apache to build sucessfully, even with an "inferior"
>configuration mechanism. I've heard the claim that "it doesn't break
>anything" too many times late in release cycles to take it seriously
>anymore. Therefore, I opt for a safe release route, with APACI bundled
>externally to 1.3.0 As I said, I will change that position to +0 for CV2
>only if most of the group feels otherwise.

I can definitely respect your point of view here.  I've only been lurking on
this list since November and thus haven't seen any release problems.
However, is APACI really a major change?  It doesn't change a line of code
in the server.  It is just a script that helps configure and install the
server.  Also, when is 1.3.0 scheduled to be released?  Ralf announced APACI
quite a ways back, its not something that he is really springing on the
group at the last minute...


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