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From "Frank Faubert" <>
Subject Re: Voting: APACI
Date Wed, 25 Mar 1998 22:09:23 GMT

Just a word from the user community here.  I have been watching this
discussion since Ralf first announce APACI, and I can't believe the level of
resistance to this.  The one thing that Apache lacks is a quick and easy way
to install it without having to futz around with config files.  The company
I work for develops web based software, part of which runs as a CGI
application.  Our software runs on 14 platforms.  I am constantly having to
install Apache (along with Netscape FastTrack, etc) on various machines to
test our software, and Apache has the worst installation procedure of any of
the web servers I deal with.  APACI simplifies this immensely.  It is of
great value to the end user community.  It is of great value to the person
who is unfamiliar with Apache and who is trying to install it for the first
time.  It is of great value to the power user who wants to install it
quickly.  The beauty of APACI is that it doesn't change anything, it doesn't
break anything, its just an add-on.  I honestly am stunned by the level of
resistance to this.  I for one honestly hope that APACI makes it into the
final release for 1.3.0, as it would make my life, and the lives of other
Apache users, much easier.


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From: Chuck Murcko <>
To: <>
Date: Wednesday, March 25, 1998 4:59 PM
Subject: Re: Voting: APACI

>Ralf S. Engelschall wrote:
>> In article <> you wrote:
>> >[...]
>> > I find your all-or-nothing-at-all approach to this disturbing, Ralf.
>> > Isn't /contrib good enough for 1.3.0? Isn't 1.3.1 good enough for a
>> > on inclusion in the base distribution?
>> Seems like you didn't read the stuff in STATUS, didn't you? The
>> #2 (CV2) is exactly like your contrib/ suggestion. Although it has some
>> disadvantages, I'm happy with this approach, too. So, write down your +1
>> _there_ if you think this way its better and give us your -1 for CV1,
>> Oh, not to mention that I really hoped your -1 in general would be a more
>> +0 (because you already said that when the rest of the group likes it you
>> accept it, too. That's for what +0 is intended, I think)... Hmmmm...
>Actually, I have read both. I am -1 for both CV1 and CV2 until I see
>some wider support from the group besides Dirk and Martin. What I am +0
>for currently is separate distribution until 1.3.1, due to late timing
>of APACI. Also, from the guidelines:
>Votes are tallied within the STATUS file, adjacent to the action item
>under vote. All votes must be either sent to the mailing listor added
>directly to the STATUS file entry for that action item.
>so mailing list tally is valid.
>Sorry you don't think this is fair to you. I think this is best for
>1.3.0 release.
>Chuck Murcko
>The Topsail Group, West Chester PA USA

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