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Subject Re: Open Market owns personalization?
Date Thu, 05 Mar 1998 12:26:31 GMT
Hi Frank,
>> You know where I'd like to store a session id? 
> >

>That would be a bad thing [tm].  The username / credential would then be passed
>in the referrer to the next site the user goes to. 

It isn't currently passed in referer by any web browser (MSIE or NS).
Which is a good thing!

However, the way that OpenMarket has patented, well, that fits your description
of a bad thing [tm] because that info really is passed along to the next site.

Good observation of why doing things the OpenMarket was is bad.
"It's so bad, its patented!"

Note that I am mixing up the notion of credential and session key here.
On purpose. A credential might only be good for a limited amount of time.

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