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From (Rasmus Lerdorf)
Subject Re: apache/linux modules
Date Wed, 04 Feb 1998 03:04:09 GMT
> Thanks, sorry about the thread. I was just shocked about the fact that
> from all big free projects out there, apache is resisting autoconf like no
> one else... :-)

Despite Jim's rumblings, even he is not going to block a move to autoconf
for 2.0.  I think the only argument you will get is about adopting
autoconf for 1.3.  I think it is obvious we need autoconf, what isn't
obvious is how soon we need it.  The current Configure does its job and it
isn't the type of thing you want to switch in a late beta stage.

I went through exactly the same cycle with PHP.  PHP1 had no autoconf.
PHP2 had autoconf, but with a question/answer type of front-end because at
the time I didn't quite grasp the scope of autoconf and I thought a lot of
command line switches were too ugly.  With PHP3 it is fully autoconf, and
there is still an optional question/answer type front end and even a
graphical configuration tool for those who like those.  

PHP runs on all the same platforms that Apache runs on except OS/2.  (Yes,
Jim, even AUX) and I have yet to have a serious complaint from someone.
Perhaps this is because everyone else uses autoconf and people on weird
platforms already know the limitations of autoconf on their platform and
thus don't send me a bug report.  But that as well is a plus for autoconf.


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