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From (Rasmus Lerdorf)
Subject Re: Don't touch the 1.3 .h files..
Date Sun, 01 Feb 1998 20:52:15 GMT
> Maybe a symlink is the best option for regex.h -- but I'd like to hear
> from Rasmus what works best for php.  If we do symlink, then there should
> be a "rm -f regex.h" in the non-symlinked case so that you can
> "./Configure" an existing source tree for another architecture safely.

PHP works with either regex library.  Before Apache 1.3 this was a huge
headache though because I had to make sure that Apache and PHP were both
using the same one.  If I used the system regex in Apache and hsregex in
PHP everything died.  With Apache 1.3 I just specify the correct setting
for WANTHSREGEX right in the the mod_php3.module file and Apache will
always build with the correct one.  By default PHP builds with hsregex,
but I do have a configure switch which causes it to be built with the
system regex.  I don't think there are any platforms where the hs regex
library doesn't work for me.

In short, if you force Apache to always use hsregex, it won't cause me any
problems whatsoever.  I'll just tweak my install a bit to eliminate the
option of building with the system regex.


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