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From Jeremie Miller <>
Subject Re: what is server side javascript?
Date Thu, 26 Feb 1998 06:18:20 GMT
Microsoft's version of JavaScript has always been available in source

I'm no lawyer, but the license scares me.  Netscape has always made their
version's source available too, but only to those that are part of their
developer program.  

Netscape may release the source to their JavaScript implimentation
independently from the browser's source(or so I've heard), but I don't
know if it would be under whatever license they choose for the browser or
a different one.

I have yet to find any other "free" versions out there, or any projects to
create one.  I think it would be a very powerful option to add to mod_php,
and maybe that can happen based on Netscapes source release...???

BTW, most people consider JavaScript a "toy" or amateur's language, but it
is in fact a complete, simple, OO language, which is quite powerful(I've
already written an XML parser in it :).  It's going to become even more
powerful and common as DOM and XML/XSL take their place in the industry.

Jeremie Miller

On Thu, 26 Feb 1998, Rasmus Lerdorf wrote:

> > So we do (with extra modules) server side Java, we do servlets, but we
> > don't do server side Javascript, right?
> Right, but we do server-side Perl via mod_perl and server-side PHP via
> mod_php.  Both of which are far more useful if you ask me.
> Apparently Microsoft is going to release the source code to their
> JavaScript parser at some point.  I have a couple of guys who are planning
> on adding this as an option to mod_php.  The PHP language is already quite
> similar to JavaScript in some ways.
> -Rasmus

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