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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject Re: future plans
Date Fri, 06 Feb 1998 00:09:34 GMT

On Thu, 5 Feb 1998, Ben Laurie wrote:

> I'm not convinced its as simple as this. For example, if I avoid calling
> things by inlining (== big) then is that really slower?

It can be.  Especially on x86 processors -- there just aren't enough
registers to take complete advantage of inlined code.  Alan Cox has shown
a linux kernel that's faster by not inlining the functions which do copies
from user to kernel and vice versa.  On risc processors you can usually
eat up inlined code by register renaming and filling in more delay slots. 

> Can we quantify what this actually means, please? Like, a list of
> platforms, and what their C++ support is would be good. Also a list of
> platforms we care about (in the 2.0 timeframe. So anything with year
> 2000 problems is out :-).

The only platforms I'm personally interested in are Unix based (ok ok
POSIX) and are still supported by their vendor.  If we leave the
unsupported ones behind I won't mind.  They'll still have Apache 1.x. 

> > Then I'm +0 on using C++.
> Wow! I'm making progress!



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