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From Paul Sutton <>
Subject Re: Windows installer (was Re: 1.3b5)
Date Mon, 23 Feb 1998 09:09:31 GMT
On Sun, 22 Feb 1998, Marc Slemko wrote:
> Note that it doesn't appear to work right as a service installed in some
> other directory; it hangs at startup.  We also need to make the default
> dir in the binary and the default dir in the installer the same. 

Yep, this is the same as it was in 1.3b3.

The proper way to fix this, IMO, is to read the ServerRoot from the
registry. The installer DLL would set this value at installation time.
I've got the code to do all this ready to commit, but I think actaully
getting a 1.3b5 binary out is the priority at the moment, so that's what I

Incidently, I propose a registry key of

  HKLM/SOFTWARE/Apache Group/Apache/1.3beta

The "1.3beta" is a version tag common to all beta releases. When the full
release is done that would become "1.3" or whatever (a version key _is_
needed, so we are future proofed for when, say, people install a beta of
2.0 - it would be bad news if that overwrote keys of a live "1.3" 
server). However we don't need a separate set of keys for each beta

The only value/data pair we need is:

  ServerRoot      <full long path to server root>

Then at startup Apache would use, in order of increasing preference:

  - compiled in default (\Apache)
  - value from the registry
  - value from the -f flag

Unless anyone objects to this scheme, I'll commit code for this. 


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