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From Paul Sutton <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: apache-site related_projects.html
Date Sun, 22 Feb 1998 13:05:17 GMT
On Sat, 21 Feb 1998, Rob Hartill wrote:
> On 20 Feb 1998 wrote:
> > pcs         98/02/20 08:16:08
> > 
> >   Modified:    .        related_projects.html
> >   Log:
> >   Since Apache Week is listed under "Commercial Products" but is neither
> >   commercial nor a product, explain what it is in the summary and detailed
> >   description
> not commercial ??
> So by giving away MSIE, it too is non-commercial ?  :-)

I'm not really sure you can compare a product with a service like this. 
Apache Week consists purely of _information_. People neither pay for that
information, nor do they have to agree to any sort of licence before they
download or "use"  it. In terms of the related projects page, all the
other items listed as "Commercial Products" are products which have to
individually licenced and paid for. So I am not clear why you would
describe Apache Week as a commercial product.

> I've also read some subtle advertising in Apache Week.

Could be send me some examples, please? The only advertising in Apache
Week is a clearly identifiable advertising banner on most of the pages
except the home page. Because Apache Week is supported by a company
involved in producing web products, each page also carries a footer
pointing this out, to ensure that all readers are aware of the situation.
We are very aware of the potential conflict here, so have a policy of
openness and transparency when dealing with (i.e. reporting on) issues
which may be open to misinterpretation. Specifically, we try to avoid
mentioning by name any product which the company has a commercial interest
in. Where unavoidable (such as a in an article on SSL) the article will
include clear and unambiguous statements that the publisher is involved
with the products mentioned. Of course it is possible that we have made a
mistake somewhere, or the wording is not clear enough. I will recticfy any
problem like this as soon as it is brought to my attention. 

Apache Week's mission is to be seen by Apache users as an impartial
observer of the Apache development process, and to be a source of
information that can trust. It would be completely against our interests
to lose that trust by subjective reporting or "subtle advertising".


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