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From Paul Sutton <>
Subject Re: Shared modules -- missing util_script
Date Thu, 05 Feb 1998 15:59:34 GMT
On Thu, 5 Feb 1998, Cristian Gafton wrote:
> On Thu, 5 Feb 1998, Paul Sutton wrote:
> > This needs to be committed before the shared module stuff is released. 
> > Unless anyone knows of a portable way to force the linker to include all
> > the objects in a library into the executable?
> Compile it with -rdynamic (using gcc, of course)

No, this has nothing to do the dynamic linking. I'm talking about ensuring
that the statically-linked httpd contains all the consituents of
libmain.a, when the modules which normally use objects in libmain are
removed from the build.

I.e. you do

  ar crv libz a.o b.o
  ld c.o -lz -o httpd

If c.o doesn't make use of any objects defined in a.o or b.o, neither will
be in the final httpd. So it doesn't matter if the linker need -rdynamic
or not, since the objects aren't in being linked *into* the executable to
start with. So the question again: a portable way of ensuring that a.o and
b.o both get included into httpd, even if none of their symbols are
required by c.o.


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