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From Anthony Rumble <>
Subject Re: Patch: apache/linux modules
Date Wed, 04 Feb 1998 20:54:23 GMT
On Wed, 4 Feb 1998, Cristian Gafton wrote:

> > LoadModule access_module
> [...]
> I am not thrilleed about this for two reasons:
>  - somebody will have to knwo the name of the structure exported by the
> module, which is unlikely to be a bonus point for ny 3rd party wanting to
> build some modules and distribute
> - every time you add a module you have to modify the configuration files,
> which reduces drastically the "easy of use" imperative that stands behind
> this whole module deal. You don't want custom-made vendor scripts poking
> around you config files and trying to guess where things should be put.

What about something like /etc/httpd/modconf.d/

Each file would be loaded sequentially before the rest of the apache
config files. Then a package would only have to drop the .so file
in the right place, and a config fragment in that directory.

Anthony Rumble
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